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All clutches are fully CNC made and are fitted with top quality shoe linings, developed from over 40 years of centrifugal clutch manufacturing.

All Lehane clutches can be completely rebuilt with replacement bearings, springs and shoes held in stock!
Lehane Clutches are fitted to Honda, Robin, Kohler, Briggs & Stratton, DEK, air cooled, water cooled, two and four stroke engines.

***New Zealand distributors for Lehane Centrifugal Clutches, Daihatsu Industrial Engines and Hino Industrial Engines!***

  • 4HD – the smallest of the commercial go-kart clutches designed to handle engines up to 6.5hp. This clutch is designed to run on the engine shaft and is available with bore sizes up to 20mm.
  • Their smaller size does not diminish the heavy duty design, this unit is built for commercial use and comes equipped with all the design features fitted to both larger models
  • 5HD – the largest of the engine shaft mounted clutches designed to handle up to 20hp! Used widely in Australia for indoor karting, this clutch has stood the test of time and is a popular choice for hire karts with large engine applications. With bore sizes of up to 1 1/8” available, the 5HD model clutch can be supplied to suit any available shaft in the up to 20hp range.
  • 7 Series Axle Clutch – Ideal where an engine with a reduction box is being used. As the name suggests, this clutch is mounted on the driven axle and comes equipped with a sprocket carrier and axle hub with a range of sizes up to 40mm. Like the 5HD clutch, the 7 Series Axle Clutch will handle applications up to 20hp! This model is also a popular choice in the Australian market.