Daihatsu Marine Engines

Daihatsu Marine Engines

daihatsu-diesel-marine-enginesDaihatsu Diesel, specialise in design and manufacture of large Diesel engines for ship propulsion and auxiliary Diesel Generators for Land and Marine.

First established in 1907, they started manufacture and sale of suction gas engines then in 1922 produced their first vertical semi-diesel marine engine.

They later divided the company into two entities, Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd for manufacture of cars and trucks and Daihatsu Diesel Mfg. Co., Ltd specialising in diesel engines.

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marine-engines-daihatsuBeing a part of the Toyota family, Daihatsu Diesel engines are no stranger to the Motor-vation Ltd staff, having associations with the group for over 30 years.

Now supplied and managed throughout Asia Pacific by Daikai Engineering Pte., Ltd, Motor-vation can boast excellent technical support and outstanding lead time for spare parts.

Along with this, Daikai Engineering Pte., offer a wide range of services including service and repair of turbochargers and gas turbine along with installation, commissioning, repair, overhaul and trouble-shooting of marine and industrial engines.

Daikai Engineering Pte., are also authorised agents for Akasaka Diesel, Kamome Propeller, Kobe Diesel, Meiyo Electric, Mitsubishi MET turbocharger, steering gear and deck crane, Naniwa Pump, Nippon Pusnes and Tsuji Heavy Industries.