Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Clutch Questions:


Lehane Centrifugal Clutches

Why are the engagement and idle speeds critical?
It is very important that maximum idle speed (i.e. a higher than hot idle speed due to cold start) is not so close to the engagement speed of the clutch that can cause partial engagement resulting in premature failure due to slippage.
A rule of thumb is an idle speed of 75% to that of engagement speed.

Can you supply a flywheel mount clutch?
Yes, we have a range, mostly suited to larger applications; factors to be considered are engine HP, flywheel size, operating speed and application.
Motor-vation will guide you in making the correct selection.

What clutch output drive types are available?
A number of drive types are available, belt (a wide range of pulley types, sizes and number of belts), sprocket, shaft, coupling or flange

Why does RPM effect the size of clutch
When the clutch centre and shoes are rotated by the driving motor, centrifugal force is applied to the shoes and lining. As this force is increased by R.P.M. increase, up to the point where the force over comes the restraining spring pressure, the shoes then throw out on the drive pins and contact the clutch drum that begins to rotate with the driving clutch elements. This stage is referred to as “ENGAGEMENT R.P.M.” (Note there is very little power transmission at this stage). As the R.P.M. Increase the power transmission capability increase at the rate of the square of R.P.M. Increase EG.1000 RPM = 2KW, 2000 RPM = 4KW, 4000 RPM = 16KW

How long does it take from order to delivery?
Most clutches are manufactured to the clients’ specifications therefore in this case an allowance of 2 weeks is required. If the clutch is an ‘off the shelf’ item, we can supply within 24hours.
The two common pitch sizes are ½” (#40P) and 3/8” (#35P) ASA – both held in stock by chain and sprocket suppliers

How do I order an additional clutch with the same specification as my current one?

Each clutch has a 5 digit serial number stamped on it that directly relates to a specification sheet holding all key information. An identical clutch can then be quickly and accurately manufactured.

How do I replace the shoes and springs in my clutch
(we will attach pics of each step)
What information do I need to give you to obtain a quote
Please refer to our clutch selection form within our website

What HP range will your clutches accept?
From ¼ to 3000HP (.2 to 2238kW)

What engine types are your clutches suitable for?
Petrol, Diesel, Gas, Electric and Hydraulic


How do I choose between a Max Torque or Lehane clutch for my Go-Kart?
All clutches that Motor-vation supply are for the fun-kart category (race karts are excluded) Max Torque supply a budget clutch for engines up to 6.5HP.
Lehane offer a premium heavy duty sprocket clutch up to 20HP.
Motor-vation will assist in selecting the correct clutch for your Go-Kart

What is sprocket pitch and how to I measure it?
Sprocket pitch is the distance from the tip of one tooth to the next, as pictured below.