DM950DT Camshaft and Valve Parts

DM950DT Camshaft and Valve Parts

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Camshaft and valve parts available for the Daihatsu diesel engine model DM950DT.

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Camshaft & Valve

15 Camshaft, 19 Camshaft Thrust Plate, 20 Bolt With washer, 21 Camshaft Timing Gear, 23 Inlet Valve, 24 Exhaust Valve, 25 Valve Lifter, 26 Valve Push rod New, 26 Valve Push Rod Short, 28 Valve Spring Seat, 29 Valve Stem Seal, 32 Valve spring retainer, 33 Valve Spring Retainer Lock, 34 Valve Spring, 35 Valve Stem Cap Short, 35 Valve Stem Cap New, 42 Valve Adjusting Screw, 43 Nut, 47 Bolt With Washer, 49 Cam Woodruff Key, 56 Nut


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