Hino Industrial Engine JO8C

Hino Industrial Engine JO8C

$ 21,000.00

This Hino engine comes with a 12 Month, unlimited hour warranty.

Product Description

Hino Industrial Engine JO8C



No. of Cylinders         6

Displacement             7.961 Litres

Rated RPM                 1,500rpm

Rated Output             71kW (Prime Power)

Fuel Consumption    Under 200g/kWh @ rated output

Governor Type           Bosch “All Speed” Governor

Cooling Type              Liquid Cooled

Dimensions                 1,255 x 630 x 880mm

Dry Weight                 485kg


Power Pack Includes:


Radiator with Mounting


Air Cleaner

Wiring loom and gauges

As a world-class diesel truck, bus and engine manufacturer, Hino strives to create diesel technology that meets the needs of society and the times.

Since Hino Motors introduced the first Japanese truck to the world in 1918, the company has continued to introduce products that have contributed to lifestyle improvements as well as industrial development. Since 1973, Hino has consistently been the leader of the Japanese truck market and has actively developed international operations. Today, the Hino sales and manufacturing network includes more than 100 countries and is a prime reason our company remains the world’s leading truck and bus manufacturer.

In addition to diesel truck and buses, Hino also develops and manufactures diesel engines for industrial applications. And worldwide, Hino diesel engines enjoy an excellent reputation for the highest standards of quality, reliability, and durability.


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