Lehane Sprocket Clutch 5HD

$ 453.00

Lehane 5HD sprocket clutch suitable for Go Karts

Rated for 20 HP @3600 RPM



Lehane Sprocket Clutch

5HD Heavy duty sprocket clutch rated to 20HP @ 3600RPM

This Clutch comes in two size bores 25mm and 1′ bores and has three different sprocket options:

-10 tooth 41 Pitch

-12 tooth 35Pitch

-Blank plate



-All clutches are made by and finished by CNC to maintain good tolerances and clutch performance.

-Simple but robust shoe-over-pin design.

-Specially heat treated springs good for millions of cycles.

-Over 40 years of development in shoe liner material to provide the highest coefficient of friction combined with low shoe wear.

-Spare parts available off the shelf.

-Clutches are simple to disassemble and rebuild, removing the need for an engineer or service agent to fit new parts.


All clutches use a unique 5 digit serial number stamped on the front of the drum. Quote this number to Motor-vation and we can replicate all specifics i.e. shoe type, engagement speed, pulley size etc making ordering of spare parts fault free.

Additional information

Clutch Sizes

25mm, 1'


10 Teeth 41 Pitch, 12 Teeth 35 Pitch, Blank Plate


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