Lehane Centrifugal Pulley Clutch – 4HD 1175
1175 4HD 140mm 1A DG BW

Lehane Centrifugal Pulley Clutch – 4HD 1175

$ 333.50

  • All clutches are made by and finished by CNC to maintain good tolerances and clutch performance
  •  Spare parts available off the shelf in New Zealand

Product Description

Lehane centrifugal pulley clutch.

4HD 5 1/2″ 1A(DG) BW x 3/4″

This clutch is used on new style Flextool Vibrating compacting machines.

It has a special A-section groove that extends up higher than the belt to stop it from jumping out of the pulley groove.

Job No. 1175



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